Jimmie Robinson is a professional artist, writer, colorist and designer for comic books, TV, feature film, toys & illustration.

Creator of:
Several published comic books.
TV properties for animation.
Frequent comics pro exhibitor.
Convention coordinator.
Founder of Jet Black Graphics.
Company product design.
Illustration catalog art.

Computer Experience
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Macromedia products.

Industry highlights
Participating judge for the San Diego International Comic Con Eisner Spirit of Retailer Award

Invited guest speaker for PRO/CON, BayCon, and numorous professional panels at conventions around the country.

Art contributor for theCBLDF and Hero Initiative.

Books published in multiple languages for international distribution by Panini Press in Germany.

Robinson and his works are heavily referenced in college text books, both in prose and illustration.



1996 - 2012
Creator, Image Comics, Berkeley, Ca.
Developed comics: Amanda & Gunn, Code Blue, Evil & Malice, Avigon, Bomb Queen and contributions to a number of comic anthologies.

Writer, Marvel Entertainment NY, Ny.
Script writer, Wolverine special issue. Worked with editorial staff and international artist.

Toy and web design for Get Real Girl, San Francisco, Ca.
Character design for packaging and website and storyboard layout.

Animated feature film, Robots of Mars, Berkeley, Ca.
Animatics, storyboard, character and background design.

Comic Artist, Oakland, Ca.
Creator, writer, artist, colorist, and letterer for nationwide bi-monthly series, CyberZone. Published eight issues.

Comic Artist, Health & Human Services. Art, inks, lettering, design and layout for off-set printing.

Commercial Artist
Sears Robuck Newspaper adverts
Designed new products and packaging; overseeing art projects from conception through prepress.


A California native, born in August, 1963.

Raised in Oakland, California, he attended special art magnet programs since elementary school, starting with Mosswood Arts, Renaissance Middle School and Concordia private High School. He graduated early at the age of 16 and directly pursued his art career with home study and college classes.

He married at 21, had a daughter, divorced and became a single parent, putting his art career on hold for ten years.

Meanwhile, Robinson worked for a printing company, First Western Graphics / Prep-Sat technologies, for 13 years. Prep-Sat was a forerunner in digital desktop publishing era and Robinson learned the craft from the ground up. This facilitated his return to the arts and he created Jet Black Graphics.

After his daughter had grown he moved into full production of comics and continues to build his career in a number of creative industries.

Currently Robinson is engaged to be married and lives in the historic district of Point Richmond, California along with a corgi and his 21 year-old cat.


Jimmie Robinson is a proud cat person since his teenage years and remains so today. In fact, his nickname is, "Kitty" and sometimes signs his work using that moniker.

Likewise, he's also a fan of Hello Kitty, Japanese animation and toy design. Often his readers will bring him Hello Kitty products to his convention appearances.

Since he's enamored with Sanrio products he took up the Japanese language for several years. He went back to college and immersed himself in the language & culture and even writing video game reviews for Japanese import titles.

Robinson was also a semi-pro skateboarder and produced a skateboard team, a mini-magazine, and sponosored skateboaring competitions. To this day he still skates and contributes to new skateboard graphic designs.